Looking spectacular at the wharf!

Check out the photo of Australia’s new Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, from the port side.

I wonder where they took this photo from?

RV Investigator under construction



5 Comments on “Looking spectacular at the wharf!”

  1. This ship is absolutely beautiful. It seems like a ship like this is really sturdy and would be perfect for the military. I wonder how much it would cost to build a ship like this. I know that well built ships like this tend to be really expensive to make, but it is definitely worth it.

    • Sarah says:

      Hello Hedley

      In 2009 the Australian Government allocated $120 million to build Investigator and she was delivered on budget in late 2014.



  2. Mark says:

    The Investigator is simply one beautiful ship. It’s great that there is funding for a research vessel like this.

  3. Dale Crisp says:

    Hi Sarah, Dale Crisp here, specialist maritime journalist and writer. Would it be possible to get a hi-res version of this pic – or any of INVESTIGATOR on sea trials – to use in the next edition of the Nautical Association of Australia (www.nautical.asn.au) journal The Log?

    Most grateful for any help.

    Kind regards
    Dale Crisp

    PS: Pleased if you could keep us up to date on progress with the SS book, too

    Funnelers Associates Pty Ltd/TransNews Australia
    Journalism Photography Communication Research
    104 Head Street
    BRIGHTON Victoria
    Australia 3186
    Phone: (+61 3) 9596 5031
    Mobile: 0400 805 104
    Email: dalecrisp@bigpond.com

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Dale, great to hear from you! I’ll shoot you through an email with the photo in high resolution. Cheers Sarah

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