Eely good video from on board RV Investigator!

INV2015_E03 RV Investigator benthic trial underwater

Do you want to know more about the eely good deep sea video posted this week?

Then you’ll need to check out this Australian Museum blog!

Take a look at 1000 metres below the surface!

One of the very cool things about RV Investigator is its ability to collect samples in deep water, but this isn’t always about catching fish, and collecting mud and rock samples.

We have a deep water camera system that can capture images 5,500 metres in a vertical drop (stationary ship), or 4,000 metres when it’s being towed at around 1-2 knots.

This video has been pulled together by the Australian Museum and shows what it looks like at 1,000 metres below the ocean’s surface, and it was captured on board RV Investigator during the benthic biology trial voyage.

Orgy of Eels video transcript



A look at the world of research vessels!

Around the world there are lots of research vessels and the International Research Ship Operators, or IRSO, provides a forum for collaboration and cooperation.

The Marine National Facility is one of the organisations that belongs to IRSO.

Last year we collaborated to produce this video, about some of the different kinds of research vessels there are around the world and the sort of science that’s being undertaken.

You’ll need to go and grab a cuppa, the video runs for an hour and a half!

If you’d like to fast forward to a particular operator:

IRSO member          Start of sequence
Alfred Wegener Institute 35s
Australian Antarctic Division 4 mins 49 s
British Antarctic Survey 8 mins 23 s
NATO Science and Technology Organisation – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation 12 mins, 44s
Marine National Facility (MNF) Australia 16 mins 52 s
French Polar Institute 23 mins 4 s
GEOMAR Helmholt Centre for Ocean Research Kiel 26 mins 45s
French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) 31 mins 38 s
Institute of Oceanology China, Chinese Academy of Sciences 36 mins 15s
Institute of Marine Research Norway 43 mins 20s
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) 46 mins 30s
Marine Technology Unit (CSIC) 51 mins 10s
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) 54 mins 44 s
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 59 mins
National Oceanography Centre (NOC) 1 hr 01 min 23 s
Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) 1 hr 05 mins, 49 s
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego 1 hr 10 mins 50 s
Spanish Institute of oceanography 1 hr 15 mins 24 s
University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLC) 1 hr 26 mins 59 s
US Coastguard 1 hr 32 mins 55 s

International Research Ship Operators Film 2014 – transcript


Don’t miss the boat! Full applications for sea time on RV Investigator in 2017-18 due Friday 4 September!

RV Investigator in rough weather in the Southern Ocean 3 (image MNF + Stewart Wilde)LR

If you lodged a pre-proposal a few weeks ago, this is a friendly reminder that  you’ll need submit your full application for sea time on RV Investigator in 2017-18, by Friday 4 September 2015.

If you didn’t put in a pre-proposal a few weeks ago, unfortunately you’ve missed the boat this time around.

Further details on applying for use of Investigator are available on the MNF website:

We’d love to see you on board!

MNF Call for Applications 2017-18 flyer


Time’s running out – pre-proposals due this Friday!!

MNF Call for Applications 2017-18 flyer (front)MNF Call for Applications 2017-18 flyer (back)










Pre-proposals for sea time on RV Investigator in 2017-18 are due this Friday, 31 July 2015.

The pre-proposal document is a tool to support, enable and inspire collaboration between scientists and will not be assessed, but it is compulsory.

Full applications are due on Friday, 4 September 2015.

For more information jump on the MNF website!

The MNF is calling for applications for 2017-18 and multi-year applications from 2017-18 to 2019-20!

The deadline for compulsory pre-proposals is 31 July 2015.

Full applications are then due by 4 September 2015.

MNF Call for Applications 2017-18 flyer (front)MNF Call for Applications 2017-18 flyer (back)

You can find all the information you’ll  need on the MNF’s applying for sea time web page

If you need to brush up on what’s possible on board Investigator, here are the fact sheets:


Incredible larval lobster video!

INV_03 2015 Prof Iain Suthers (image MNF Max McGuire)

Professor Iain Suthers from UNSW recently led a voyage on board RV Investigator  from Brisbane to Sydney.

The teams were working around the clock to deploy equipment and collect crucial data to help us better understand how cold eddies that spiral off the East Australian Current play a pivotal role in our fisheries.

The larval lobsters collected on the voyage are completely amazing – they’re transparent like a piece of cellophane, and thin and flat like piece of paper.

You should check out the video, it’s incredible!

IN2015_03 Larval lobsters (transcript)



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