The Investigator’s take on the Southern Ocean

A few days ago you would have seen the incredible video of our former research vessel Southern Surveyor slogging its way through the Southern Ocean.

Check out how RV Investigator does it!

Video transcript

Sky high with the Roulettes and RV Investigator!

Spring in Hobart, Tasmania, has been pretty spectacular lately, with big blue skies and warm weather creeping in.

The Australian Air Force Roulettes were in town performing recently and Ben Rae from the MNF Ship Management Group managed to snap these pics with RV Investigator and the Roulettes.

Communiqué – Marine National Facility Steering Committee

RV Investigator geoscience trial voyage May 2015 (image MNF) 041 LR

Meeting #77: Friday 4 September 2015

With the commissioning of Investigator now complete, the MNF Steering Committee discussed a range of strategic issues, such as the development of a new business model to maximise use of Investigator to its full 300 days per year potential, and amendments to the MNF applications process to ensure that all science undertaken through the MNF is done so in the national benefit of Australia.

You can read the overview of these discussions and highlights on the MNF website – just look under the News drop down menu.

Investigator mapping the Huon Commonwealth Marine Reserve in detail

In April 2015 the Marine National Facility research vessel Investigator headed south of Tasmania to test and commission the benthic sampling equipment that will be used by scientists on board the ship.

The Huon Commonwealth Marine Reserve is 1 million hectares, located south of Tasmania and spans the continental shelf, continental slope and deeper water off the shelf.

The submerged mountains have a diverse range of fish, coral, squid, crabs and other animals that call it home.

The MNF’s old vessel, Southern Surveyor, mapped this area about a decade ago, but its sonar system only operated to 3,000 metres.

By going back with Investigator the quality and detail achieved has been really impressive, as its sonar systems can map the sea floor to any ocean depth.

Every time the sonar system is turned on, RV Investigator is able to add another piece to the puzzle that is Australia’s vast marine estate.

Guess what turned one!

It’s been a big year for Australia’s Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator!

As part of a training and development day for CSIRO’s Marine National Facility and Science Engineering and Technology, we thought it was fitting we celebrate.

Happy Birthday Investigator!

RV Investigator first birthday cake RV Investigator first birthday cake RV Investigator first birthday cake

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to work as a marine scientist in the Southern Ocean?

Working at sea as a marine scientist seems like it’d be fun, right?

Well sometimes the conditions can get a bit hairy, particularly in the Southern Ocean.

This great little video from the cold water trial voyage on board RV Investigator will give you a bit of an idea of what it’s like to head south to the Antarctic ice-edge.


Eely good video from on board RV Investigator!

INV2015_E03 RV Investigator benthic trial underwater

Do you want to know more about the eely good deep sea video posted this week?

Then you’ll need to check out this Australian Museum blog!


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