Capturing our underwater world!

One of the coolest pieces of equipment we’ve got onboard Australia’s new Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, is also one of the smallest.

RV Investigator's keel camera

It’s a camera, fitted onto one of Investigator’s drop keels!

One of RV Investigator's keels

One of RV Investigator's keels

RV Investigator's keels

While this nifty device is primarily being installed as part of the sonar performance verification program for the ship, it’s also going to be used to capture images of the marine environment.

RV Investigator's drop keels deployed

It’s not unusual for some species like dolphins, to be attracted to moving ships, like in this photo snapped from onboard Southern Surveyor, and now we’ll be able to film species and marine environments, as we’re steaming along!A dolphin surfaces near Southern Surveyor (image Beatriz Britto Pereira)

One Comment on “Capturing our underwater world!”

  1. says:

    Neato confreato! As an underwater camera designer this makes my heart sing!

    – Dirk

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